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I leave for a month in Paris on Tuesday and just realized I completely forgot to post anything on my recent trip to Spain. Well, better late than never.

Sometime back during the Fall semester, one of my professor’s gave a presentation on one of the Coggin College of Business Study Abroad programs. I’m pretty fortunate that UNF has such a boss International Business, because even though my interest in IB is pretty low, they offer many outstanding opportunities to study abroad and explore the world as a result. One of the Spring Break faculty-led trips needed more participants in order to make the cut. The class in question was Economics of the Wine Industry and took place over Spring Break in Spain. I realized that my window of opportunity to go on one of these amazing trips was rapidly closing so I went ahead and signed up.

The trip was fantastic and I got to see some amazing sites, eat some fantastic food and ended up developing a love affair with Spanish wine. I brought my new Canon G12 camera along and managed to get some decent shots once I got the hang of shooting again.

Over the next few days I will post entries from the journal we were required to write for the class and the photos I took during my trip.

As with most new things that come into my life, I went a little overboard and signed up for a Summer School class in Paris while I was at it so that’s what I will be doing throughout most of May and early June. The Spain trip was pretty non-stop but this one will be much slower paced and I’ll have plenty of free time to do some exploring and take some more pictures.