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Happy Hump Day y’all! What better way to spend your Wednesday than thinking about all the exciting events and happenings coming this weekend. It’s going to be a good one with lots of options so take your pick, just make sure you DO SOMETHING!


The Original Cafe Eleven


I really, really, really wish I could go to this! Normally I’d scoff at cover bands, especially paying a cover to see a cover – seems ridiculous, n’est-ce pas? This however, is not your average cover show. Headlining are the Togas, an amalgamation of Ty Segall (one of my favorites), Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams, Philip Sambol of the Strange Boys and Lance Willie of Reigning Sound. They are hot off a weekend in the Bahamas entertaining passengers aboard the Bruise Cruise covering all the garage hits, which I’m still bummed I missed. I went to Disney World instead so it’s all good. Joining them are Teenage Lobotomy covering the Ramones, The Wooly Bushmen (Orlando) doing Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps and Jacksonville’s newest garage stars, The Mold, covering Redd Kross. If you don’t have work/band practice like this guy, I suggest you make the trip. St. A goes hard as FUCK!


Burro Bar


The homie, Jared from SoFla, is shooting up to Duval with his two-piece post/math/pop/hardcore band, World’s Strongest Man tomorrow night. They’re tunes are intense and passionate, technical and complex, but incredibly pleasing to the ear making them the perfect compliment to supporting acts, Dune Panther (St. Augustine) and Jacksonville newcomers, Locals. Best thing you could do on a Thursday night GUARANTEED!


Karpeles Manuscript Library

Tatsuya Nakatani

There are too many reasons to see this show to even count. Anyone creative enough to experiment with the hidden myriad sounds percussion instruments are capable of and make it entertaining is A-OK in my book. If the dude is able to travel from Osaka to Jacksonville, rest assured it’s going to be more than some noise-brat banging random shit together and fed through an effects pedal. Furthermore, the Karpeles Manuscript Library is one of the coolest-looking buildings in the Core and I’ve always wanted to see a show there. This has the potential to be life-changing!

Burro Bar


Last time I booked Devon at Burro Bar, I didn’t know who he was. Apparently, that was a mistake as he was a member of influential Gainesville Outlaw Country group, The Takers. Now I (and now you) know better. Joining him are Tennessee’s Matt Woods, who has that whole Merle Haggard / Waylon Jennings look working in his favor and Jax Beach’s Joshua Anthony. If experimental percussion isn’t your thing, this is the show for you!


UNF Skatepark

Red Bull King of the Campus

What, you didn’t know UNF had her own skatepark. It ain’t much but it does say something about the area we live in, doesn’t it? Skateboarding has a rich tradition in Duval County and this Red Bull-hosted event will crown the winner of a King of the Hill-style competition as King of the Campus! BURRO will be on hand to demo some product and will contribute prizes for first and second place. It’s techinically on campus, so don’t expect Ante Up level antics and debauchery but should still be great for spectating!

Sun Ray Cinema

Crispin Hellion Glover

Another event with more reasons than necessary to attend! First off, if you haven’t been to Sun Ray Cinema (fka 5 Points Theatre) this is the perfect opportunity to see what it’s all about. If you were turned off by the office furniture from the old joint, you’ll be pleased with the new steez. Comfy chairs with a bar top to set your pitcher or bag of popcorn. The kitchen will be completed one of these days but in the meantime, the gourmet popcorn bar with everything from Blue Buddha seasoning blends to parmesan cheese to nutritional yeast that allow you to craft your own custom snack. The best part about is the new programming that supplements the best independent movie selection you could hope for. They’ve been showing the new Walking Dead episodes on Sunday nights and with the sound system they have, it’s the best place to watch anything and everything. So yeah, in addition to all that, they are hosting events such as this one and bringing radical dudes like Crispin-fucking-Glover to Jacksonville. The event spans two nights, Saturday and Sunday, with different shows each night at 7:30pm. Saturday’s program includes Part I of his Big Slide Show and screens his film, What Is It?, an original if controversial film that has won its share of film festival awards. Sunday night attendees will see Part II of the Big Slide Show and the sequel to What Is It?, It is Fine! Everything is Fine. The tickets are a hefty $20/night but the experience will be well worth the price of admission!

Burro Bar


Man, we have been getting some BRUTAL shows at ye olde Burro lately! The credit for this show goes to Eargasm Bookings who have all of the area’s Death, Black, Progressive and Technical Metal on lock. It’s always an impressive display of speed and technicality at these shows and this one should prove no exception!

More Stuff To Do!

Here’s some additional options this weekend…
Winter Dance Party @ The Phoenix Taproom
SPR Community Garage Sale @ Karpeles Manscript Library
Chroma & Rice + DJ Chef Rocc @ 1904
Wavefunctions, Neighbors and Fainted Paces @ The Phoenix Taproom