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Sorry for the delay, here’s the rest of our adventure…

BD's choice in sleepy-time reading material is so appropriate

Dirty Jeff is always down to party. Always.

Decided to stay in H-Town an extra day and chilled out at the park with our old pal Kaiti

Played that night with Daikaiju. Them bros is always up in your face.

Shit got real serious and somebody's ass done got defenestrated!

The perp got was coming

Female Demand blew all kindsa minds

Big Dunn beat up girls on Dr. Craword's Kinect

Merch booth in Little Rock

This trucker was stoked on our band

One day I'll start a Tumblr just of pics of Bert sleeping

After the van died we had to rent this stupid U-Haul just to get home

That's Tennessee for ya

Seen at our last show at Thomas Sharp's house in Nashville

So yeah, there you go. The tour was cut short by two days when the van blew a head gasket somewhere between Memphis and Nashville. It was really sad to see her go, we had some good times in that thing and she’d been a good tour van for multiple bands over the years.

Before I close the book on this one, I want to share some of the awesome bands we plated with. All are worth checking out and drooling over…
Lord Green (Psych/Thrash from Illinois)
Muhammadali (Heavy-deavy pop punk from Houston)
Female Demand (Crazy noise-punk a la Health/Lightning Bolt from Houston)
Daikaiju (Alabama Kabuki Surf-Punk on perma-tour)
Unstoppable Death Machines (Noisy, In-the-Red Awesomeness from Brklyn and coming to Jacksonville very soon!)
Legsweeper (Party Ounk sweethearts from Dallas and new BFFs)