In advance of the Kickstarter campaign Big Dunn, Bert No Shirt and I will be setting up, I thought I’d take the time to fill you in on some recent C&W news. Busy day so I’ll keep it brief and let the pics do most of the talking.

During Spring Break C&W hit the road to tour our favorite stretch of country, Florida to Texas. We did our first significant tour in this region last year and only had a few minor hiccups along the way pretty much limited to a calendar mix-up at our last show in Atlanta forcing us to drive straight home from Chattanooga. This trip started off without any complications. Until we hit Tennessee that is. We lost our trusty van in a little town called Brownsville between Memphis and Nashville. However it happened, we blew a head gasket, had to sell the van for scrap and rent a U-Haul to make it to Nashville before once again cutting the tour short (missing Atlanta again) and heading home.

It hasn’t stopped us though, we played an awesome show with State Champion after it all and are touring Florida again next weekend with Ill Tolerance. We’ll b eborrowing wheels for that but will soon be in need of our own transpo. The mechanic in Brownsville got BD all kindsa stoked on the Nissan Quest and he’s taking care of buying the next band-vehicle so that’s what it’s going to be. To raise some funds we’ll be launching a Kickstarter next week and setting up pickle jars around town for donations. Help us out!

So here’s a sampling of some pics I managed to grab with my phone along the way.

Loaded the van to the brim, bikes included.

BD even got his DL!

I set up a little mobile office to do some work from the road

Le took our picture with a crazy old passport camera in P-cola

Partied real hard with Edison

Edison sang us a Ramones song for Big Dunn t-shirt

Before taking us to a rager house party, Hattiesburg awarded us this trophy for partying the hardest

Fried Oreos and Snickers dudes!

My cajun roots require a pilgrimage whenever I'm in Nawlins

But in Houston, it's nothing but Bahn Mi all day!

Caught Funboys and Davilla 666 after our Houston show. C&W/Funboys tour inevitable.

To Be Continued…