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This little story begins over a year ago when a radical band called Animal City came to town and played a couple of shows with another local radical band, Chicken & Whiskey (maybe you’ve heard of them?). So yeah, that happened and they became like our BFFs.

Fast forward and I read about this album on OMGVinyl from a band called State Champion. I think this is what hooked me at the time (from Sophomore Lounge website):

Having created a sound that is a product of its upbringing, with Sweetheart of the Rodeo on the radio, Bleach in the tape deck, and a Smog song stuck in its head, State Champion drives through forty minutes of sincerely howled, sloppily executed, stripped down garage-country on its full-length debut.”

So I bought it and I loved it. A beautiful piece of No Depression with a punk twist if you will. I must have not paid close enough attention to notice that they were not only on Sophomore Lounge Records (the best lil’ label in the Midwest) but Ryan actually is Sophomore Lounge! It finally dawned on me when I peeped the free comp that came in and found an Animal City tack on it.

Since that time we’ve done multiple tours with Animal City and they love us so much they had Ryan get in touch with us when it was time for State Champ to tour Florida. I was like duuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mark your calendars for March 21st. It’s a Monday. Its at Lomax Lodge. Be there or suckit.

But that’s not all…

Stay tuned for another post about an exciting C&W update!

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