Awwwwww nuts! We finally did it, sort of.

Our good buddies down in Orlando being none other than Tam Tam the Sandwich Man and the Magical Sugar Cookies hit us up to do a split tape. We never don’t have fun together and our Orlando shows are always a blast so we were like fugggggggyeah!

So then what happened was Big Dunn, Bert No Shirt and myself took a little trip down to Waldo, FL (yes Waldo!) to record with Joe Bridge of Never Give Up at his studio at the most radical punk farm ever. Just check this place out!

I was really blown away by this place. I was expecting a bunch of crusties drinking moonshine and talking shit about the government and the bourgeoisie but they were all really cool and productive, doing everything from building shit to gardening to collecting bike parts like Zombie does. Very impressive.

There was one big house which they called “the big house” and several other little houses built around trailers and shacks, it was rad.

We milled about as Joe got set up, enjoying the clean air and quiet of the Northeast Florida woods.

We laid down five new tracks with Joe in record time before heading back to Jacksonville so I could go to school in the morning. We just got the final mix from Joe and it sounds fucking incredible. Bert No Shirt and Big Dunn sound like beautiful fallen angels! We’ll be using the recordings on a CD-R that we are self-releasing in a limited quantity for our tour of ze South next week. And when we get back to town we’ll have them on the split tape with Tam Tam. You can cop that at our Tape Release Throwdown at Lomax Lodge on March 21st with State Champion (Sophomore Lounge Records), The Cougs (St. Augustine) and Tell Yer Children (Infintesmal Records).

I literally threw this album art together in like 5 minutes. Actual art will change for sure.

In the meantime you can listen to and download the whole Pot Leafs and Pentagrams EP for $5 on our bandcamp page. If you are hurting for cash (who isn’t) we’ll be putting individual tracks up for free over the coming week so check back. “Be My Enemy” is free now in the format of your choice so grab it while you can…