I’m going to be talking a lot about Quiet Muff Ultra (QMU) in the coming weeks. Forgive my secrecy, it’s for your own safety. Rest assured that all will be revealed, likely sooner than later and it is my promise and my mission that you will all be quite pleased and, in a sense, proud of the result.

You should know that the team behind QMU is dedicated to perfection and qualified to achieve it. We’re talking about a synergy that is unstoppable! When I say that Jacksonville will change for the better as a result of Quiet Muff Ultra, I mean it in ways that will become immediately obvious and ways that you will likely not even be aware of. QMU will be a force to be reckoned with, delivering the utmost in quality and satisfaction.

Quiet Muff Ultra is going to give you what you have been missing and when it is here, you will wonder what you did before it came into your life.

Is this all a bunch of hyperbolic non-sense? Yes, absolutely! But is Quiet Muff Ultra a real thing? It most certainly is! You can not touch Quiet Muff Ultra, but you will be immediately aware of what Quiet Muff Ultra does when it does it. In fact, it is quite possible that you never will actually know Quiet Muff Ultra or that it does what it does even as it does it. But if you live in Jacksonville and you venture downtown, you will sense it and you will be pleased.

But for serious, if you get me drunk enough I’ll let you play 10 questions to get it out of me. Or you could just pay attention and figure it out.