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It’s been a hot minute since I sat down to write about one of my favorite obsessions, the comic book. Yes, even this dangerously close to 30 I still make weekly trips to my local comic shop, in this case Universe of Superheroes here in Riverside. Try as I may I seem unable to make it there first thing every Wednesday like I used to but lucky for me they pull everything I want to read and hold it for me until I can find the time to drop in. Looks as though they’ve abandoned their blog for Facebook like everyone else. Drop in some time and support local business.

Here are some highlights from this week I’m looking forward to getting into…

Batman: The Dark Knight #1
Words and Pencils: David Finch
Inks: Scott Williams
With so many Bat-titles out these days, one either has to be highly selective about which ones to bring home or loose with the wallet (you do have a Burro wallet, right?) This one is actually pretty old but somehow got overlooked and seeing as how the next issue doesn’t come out until March, better late than never. There seem to be very few artists pulling writing duties nowadays but if the stories in this book are half as good as the cover art, it should turn out to be a good run. The first arc apparently focuses on the newly returned Bruce Wayne Batman’s more supernatural cases. It’s not Grant Morrison so things won’t be the craziest they’ve ever been for the Dark Knight but this now seems to be the original Batman’s only solo book and so far seems to be shaping up nicely.

Wolverine #5.1
Words: Jason Aaron
Art: Jefte Palo
The ol’ canucklehead has his own book again after his son Daken hijacked the Wolverine title as Dark Wolverine during the Dark reign event. The first arc of the relaunch was all about Wolverine in hell so, you know, good start. Aaron is no stranger to telling Wolverine stories and even though yes they are all pretty much the same, I for one never tire of them. This whole Marvel Point One is a pretty slick campaign to attract new readers to classic titles such as this one, Iron Man, Spider-Man and others. That however means there will either be a boring recap of Wolverine’s past or a fresh shake-up.

The Flash #9
Words: Geoff Johns
Art: Francis Manapul
The hardest working dude in comics like ever is keeping things going with yet another event with Flashpoint. Johns has a stellar track record with the DCU’s heaviest of hitters and if Blackest Night and Brightest Day are any indication, Flashpoint will be a game-changer. Barry Allen has been back since Final Crisis and yet this is the first event focused on him since The Flash: Rebirth. This however is but a prequel to the upcoming mini-series which has a lengthy list of tie-ins. As I am only somewhat of a loyal Flash reader I will be restricting myself to the regular Flash books and the mini-series proper.

The Unwritten #22
Words: Mike Carey
Art: Peter Gross
This has been a sleeper hit for me personally. Mike Carey was hit (Lucifer) or miss (X-Men) for me before but this book has turned into solid gold. It’s like a combination between Harry Potter and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in the way it glorifies the power of stories and blurs the line between reality and fiction. The series started off a little slow but now it is really rolling and is something I look forward to every time. This latest arc is concerned with Moby Dick and has me considering reading the book for the first time.

Hellboy: The Sleeping and the Dead #2 of 2
Dark Horse
Words: Mike Mignola
Art: Scott Hampton
Hellboy continues to be my ultimate favorite book of all time. If I had to guess it would be the mix and range of exotic folktales, the occult and general badassery. I long for the days when Mignola penciled his own stuff but the artists he chooses to depict everyone’s favorite rogue BPRD agent are pretty damn faithful to the original art. I’m not really sure what to think about the latest couple of short Hellboy stories. Don’t get me wrong, any story is better than no story and they do seem to be in continuity but they still feel a bit like filler and I am eager to see what the next big move is in the Hellboy Universe. I haven’t been keeping up with the BPRD books so when they no doubt merge again I’m afraid I will be a bit in the dark as it were. Either way the first issue of this mini was a good one and seemed to set up a story-line that could easily span five issues or so but alas, this one is to be the finale.

So there we are, back at it, writing about comics again. Maybe I’ll keep this up but probably not. Til next time…