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You know all those Pink Ribbons and Save the Tatas t-shirts and bumper stickers that appear every which way you turn? Well I’m all for that but I’m also for saving the testes!

I’m way late in posting this but better late than never. November is Movember, a month dedicated to raising awareness (and money) for men’s health, primarily testicular cancer. Raising awareness how you ask? By growing a mustache of course!

I wrote this article for EU Jacksonville that lays it all out if you’re interested.

Those of you who know me, however casually, know that I take great pride in my beard. Being forced to shave every day for five years will do that to a man. After I got out of the Navy I swore never to shave again, no matter what. When Sean Collins of the Jacksonville Beardsmith Society brought the event to my attention last year I was like, “Are you crazy?!” After all, we’re in a beard club, why shave? When he brought it up again this year, I made a deal with him. I still really didn’t want to shave as I had planned on taking my mane to the 2011 World Beard Championships in Norway so I set the bar pretty high. I publicly announced that if all of Jacksonville raised $2000 before November 1st, I would shave. Well, my mother and sister-in-law both donated money and we came pretty close to that goal so I went ahead and did it. As of right now, Jacksonville has raised over $8000 and there is still over a week left to raise even more money!

So, if you would, at least take the time and check out the Movember website and educate yourself on the issues of men’s health. It really is a fantastic website and I’m a stickler for these things. Feel free to check out my personal Mo Space where you can donate in my name and see the progression of my ‘stache.

Also, be sure to check out the Movember Jax page where you can learn of upcoming Movember events. There is one this Wednesday at the BRAND NEW Intuition Ale Works Tap Room and the wrap-up party at TSI on December 4th is sure to be a hairy good time!