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In case you missed it, Round 2 of the Jacksonville Music Video Revival went down on October 1st during another fun and exciting First Fridays. This time we got a little publicity. The day of Will Henley of EU Jacksonville called to inform me that I would be on First Coast News during the weather report with Tim Deegan. I don’t think I know much of anyone who watches the news at 5 o’clock on a Friday but hey, every little bit helps right. It was a little nerve-wracking to say the least. There was no short supply of passers-by who felt it necessary to holler when they saw the camera. Big Time coined the phrase “Furry Forecast” which still makes me laugh, especially when he says it. I felt like I did well enough under the circumstances and said what I need to say without too much mumbling or stuttering. Good ol’ Daniel Goncalves was on hand to capture my 15 minutes of micro-fame. Check out the set here. CHEEZIN!

In related news, the Revival is still gathering momentum and finding new avenues and channels to exhibit the great music videos coming out of Jacksonville. Just Friday, the JMVR received a little love from the Jacksonville Film Festival itself! As a bonus to the Atypical Arts Presents feature of Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone, I was able to host a selection of some of our favorite music videos (check ’em out below) and present an Emerging Director Award to my new friend, L Gustavo Cooper for his work on Strangers by DarkHorse Saloon.

Here’s the winning video…

And here’s the others in no particular order…
illdotlogic – Follow Me

Electric President – it’s an ugly life

RickoLus – Photographs

Crash the Satellites – Pretty Knees

All worthy to be sure!

Once again, Fotobia was on hand to snap a few pics. Peep those here.

Round 3 is slated for February so keep on making those music videos!