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Started writing about the Picture This video and all this other stuff started appearing on my computer screen. Maybe it means something, maybe not.

So yeah, just realized I haven’t said word one about how the event went. In my defense, the C&W Final Tour adventure got in the way, school started yesterday, blah, blah, blah. It was awesome, if you missed it, you messed up but there will be opportunities to see it again, I promise, but more on that later.

Here’s a little confession. I am incredibly vain and narcissistic. I try to keep it under control but the truth is nothing makes me happier than pictures and video of myself. It’s awful I know, but I can’t help it but at least I can admit it. I just like the way other people can capture you in a way that represents you in a positive light. Whether it’s a photo shoot that makes you look a thousand times better than your bathroom mirror or a video like this one that allows you to share a positive experience in your life that just might end up being somewhat important, if not fairly significant. And while we’re on the topic, it goes further than that. It’s a special kind of person whose job it is to make other people look and feel good. I would like to personally thank and recommend to you all, two people who helped me to look my best – Gerald at Oscar & Lula’s for the haircut and Kim of The Clothing Warehouse for the wardrobe advice.

Yes, that’s right, I went to a salon and goy hurr did. But I got my hurr did at a local establishment by someone who is talented and awesome so SHUT IT. Also, after six years of following Navy grooming standards, it is one luxury that I unashamedly indulge in. She even trimmed my beard a little, so what? But the bottom line is, I have never left her chair disappointed. And for that, I let her straighten my hair, even though I catch shit from all my friends for the rest of the day.

And yes, I also walked into a store and had someone else pick out my clothes for me like a little-ass kid. Also something I am unashamed of. Fashion is not my forte. It, like art is something I appreciate and admire. Just as I cannot paint, sculpt, draw or design my way out of a paper bag yet know good art from bad art, I can barely dress myself yet understand what is radical and what is ridiculous. Some people have an eye for these kinds of things, and Kim is one of those people. I considered choosing my own clothes to wear to the event but knew that I would, in the end, default to a Big Dunn t-shirt, cut-offs and slip-ons so I decided to let someone else tell me what to wear. She did a pretty rad job of finding me some new threads that would work with stuff I already had and felt comfortable in and for that I let her play dress-up with me like a big sister I never had (go ahead, awwwwwwwwwww).

So all that got me thinking about other stuff with the event (and beyond it as well) that I’ve found are better left in hands more competent than mine in certain specialized areas. Mainly, I would like to thank Varick Rosete once again for the wonderful poster design. Promotional materials are one of those things that I am capable of doing myself, and have in the past, but find much better results when people who do it professionally, or at least really, really well, do it instead. I can accept some credit for outlining the theme and general aesthetic I wanted for it, but Varick is the one who made it say what I wanted it so say and gave the whole event a level of legitimacy that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve despite my best effort. There are those who are near militant in their fervor and dedication to the DIY ethic and while I greatly respect and admire such people, there comes a point where dividing the workload and bringing in outside help is necessary to achieve your goals.

The value of creative work, for lack of a better catch-all term, has never been more apparent to me. It’s a shame that so much of it is taken for granted by most people. It wasn’t really until I met with a few AIGA officers (Varick was among them) for a story in EU that I myself began to really think about it. Now that I’m interning at Wingard Creative, I can see it even more clearly. Oh, and Mad Men, of course. Words like branding, campaign, and even creative itself, have new meaning for me. And as I’ve become more aware of these concepts and spent time among what I consider to be Jacksonville’s most creative and talented people, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a wealth of talent in this city. That goes for agencies and freelancers alike.

As I’ve “matured” over the years (I use the term very loosely), I’ve begun to accept the fact just because I think something is cool, doesn’t mean I have any business doing it. Sure, it’s all worth a try and maybe some hidden talent will reveal itself, but sometimes it’s okay to give up and let the professionals who do it better and are way more into it than I am, take over. I might loose some DIY street-cred but it’s better than being overwhelmed by trying to do everything yourself.

Totally wasn’t planning on going in that direction BTW. Not going to proofread it before I post either even there are probably a dozen unnecessary and/or missing commas and other grammatical errors. I’m not an English major anymore.