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We are very proud to welcome Stay Tuned Studios as the lead sponsor for the Jacksonville Music Video Revival. Located in Jacksonville’s Southside, Stay Tuned offers fully equipped rehearsal spaces and recording services at affordable prices. And by fully equipped, I mean FULLY EQUIPPED! From their website:

The studios are of various sizes that are fully equipped with drums, guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, and full PA systems (full backline setup). What this means is . . . no need to tear your own equipment down, pack it, move it, set it up, tear it down again and then move it back. Save time and money (and your back)! Simply show up, and “YOU JUST PLUG IN AND PLAY”! And enjoy the clean, spacious rooms in air-conditioned comfort!

From now on, all video submissions for the August and future events can be dropped off at their location near the Avenues Mall.

On behalf of myself and EU Jacksonville, I applaud this business for being forward-thinking and supporting local, independent music and film. What started off as a simple idea for a fun event is really and truly turning into something monumental!

If your business is interested in supporting the Jacksonville Music Video Revival in any way, shape or form, send me an email at jdiablo@eujacksonville.com.

See you at the show!!!