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There is a weekly ritual that my friends and I participate in called Metal Mondaze. It was started many moons ago by a dark wizard named DJ Methadonnie. Every week this grim, evil genius would fill our ears with the blackness we desired, nee required, as we filled our bellies with malt liquor and worshiped at his altar.

Unfortunately our guide through the epic sprawling doom of existence has been busy of late and has been unable to lead us on our sonic sojourn of despair. But I have spent many a Monday night under his tutelage and many other sleepless nights studying the dark metal arts and will now attempt to fill his shoes. Will the apprentice become the master?

Probably not, but it would be real tight if y’all all came out to my new gig DJing at Shantytown Pub (aka the best lil boozehole in Springfield) every Monday night from now until the Apocalypse (or, the Metalocalypse). I’m changing the program up just a little bit. From now on, I’ll be spinning some of my favorite psyche, fuzz, garage, experimental and world music from 10pm to midnight (vinyl and mp3) before the curtain of darkness is dropped for METAL after MIDNIGHT! Don McConn will still be stopping by from time to time along with any other adventurous sinners out there who want to give it a whirl on the wheels of steel.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep track and post playlists and such but we shall see about that. But y’all can thank yer boy Squid Dust for the rad flyer!