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Found this amazing poster design in my inbox this morning from Designer/Illustrator and AIGA Jacksonville president, Varick Rosete.

I couldn’t be happier with the design! I especially dig the little Jack Diablo faces in the corners. Nice touch! I’m going to be using that from now on on everything. Varick perfectly captured what I want this to event to be. I really think this image expresses just how legitimate this thing is going to be. Here’s what Varick had to say about the design:

The whole revival with the phoenix rising from the heart symbolic of the love with music videos. The phoenix should feel more classic in its illustration style which counters the look of the hands, giving a modern and traditional aspect – audio and visual. The hands represent creation, making things with your blood, sweat and tears, but also tie-in to “revival” as well with the heart stating “Please stand by,” as in defibulating the heart – “CLEAR!” we’re about to shock the heart with some energy. “Please stand by” also refers to those technical difficulty screens back in the day which is used here as the background for the design, tying back in to the video aspect.

We’ll be printing some posters for store windows so keep an eye out. Also planning on hand-screening a limited number for sale at the event.

Getting really, really stoked!