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The buzz is building y’all! I’ve received tons of inquiries since the EU article ran and it’s looking to be some stiff competition. I’ve got some more details to share…

Naming this thing has been a monumental task. All my creative energy is being sucked out of my body from every direction (don’t even start…) but I finally came up with something that I think is good enough at least. We’re calling it the Jacksonville Music Video Revival: celebrating local independent music and film. I know it’s not that catchy but I think it sums everything up pretty well. As I said, several people have already contacted me, eager to participate but the good news is there is till plenty of time to get something together. I’ve even pushed back the deadline to July 31 to give you some breathing room.

Also, I’ve hooked up with local film pros who are willing to work with bands that need a little help with their project. If you have an idea for a music video but lack the technical expertise to make it fully realized, I may be able to set you up with someone who can help. Hit me up at jdiablo@eujacksonville.com and we’ll see what we can do. But don’t delay, these guys are pros so the early birds with the best ideas will be the ones to benefit from this opportunity.

We already have a few sponsors who are helping us put the event together. 5 Points Theatre is hosting, EU is helping promote, Drips Black is lending production expertise, AIGA is working on the poster and a few others are helping make this project become a reality. What I need is a few more sponsors willing to donate some prizes for the winners. Recording time, musical equipment, gift certificates, etc would all make great prizes and serve as powerful promotional tools. The event is going to be free AND on First Fridays so we’re expecting a capacity turnout. If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, please feel free to hit me up. Once again, that’s jdiablo@eujacksonville.com.

I’ve heard of a few other events going on that night so it’s going to be an awesome night in 5 Points. When you come, be sure to check out my buddy Brent’s motorcycle show going on down the street at Wolfgang and stop by Underbelly or Lomax Lodge for a pre-show beverage.

See y’all in August!