First off, my bad for not getting this post out in time to coincide with the June issue of EU Jacksonville. A few people have contacted me by email so hopefully I didn’t lose anybody with the delay.


After the Citrus Cel Animation Festival, I got the idea to host a local music video contest. Lucky for me, I know some pretty rad people who are helping me throw it all together. EU Jacksonville, the 5 Points Theatre, Drips Black and Urban Jacksonville have all signed on to help this project see light and I’m super grateful for all they are doing to support local music and local film-making.

It’s all going down August 6th to coincide with First Fridays in 5 Points. The event will be held at the 5 Points Theatre and will feature music videos from Jacksonville’s talented local bands. We’re planning on about a ninety minute program followed by some live music TBA. Oh yeah, and the best part is, it will be completely FREE!

There are going to be some amazing prizes for the winners. I can’t go into details just yet as everything is still being ironed out but consider this your call to get cracking and put your best foot forward and show people what you’re made of.

You can make something completely new or go with an old favorite, doesn’t matter. When you have something put together that you can be proud of you can bring your high quality QuickTime file by The Letter Shop downtown on 228 E Forsyth. If you have any questions or need to mail your submission, email me at for more info.

Stay tuned for details as they become available.