I like bands that blog. You can keep up with their latest releases and get to know some of what they’re into. There’s usually free downloads and mixtapes too. Love those!

Almost a year ago I received the debut album from a band called Blind Man’s Colour. I’m always down to support new Florida bands and this one in particular began making waves right out of the gate even though its members were barely out of high school.

I liked Season Dreaming okay. It didn’t really thrill me but I wrote my review anyway praising them for their talent and relayed my hopes that they would come into their own a little more in the future. The band (or perhaps simply the sound in general) grew on me so I couldn’t help but review the EP they released a few months later and I really dug the direction they took.

They keep a nice little blog where I found out about Kyle Wyss’ solo project Chromatic Flights. He’s just released his second album Too Beautiful For Smiles which is downloadable for whatever you think its worth.

There are definitely some elements of BMC on this digital EP but Kyle plays around with tempo and feel to create something very different than his flagship project. Some heavy bass drops in here and I am into it! But just when you think you’ve got the nature of this project pegged, Wyss gets all Phil Elverum in the Microphones-influenced “Skippin’ Buddy.”

It’s really cool to hear how these guys have evolved and grown over such a short period of time. For as young as they are, they make some really great music and seem to have a damn good grasp on self-production.

I have a few other blogging bands that I plan on highlighting but feel free to comment if you of any I might not.