I’ve been meaning to do a follow up Music Monday post but it’s been too long and there’s been just too much damn music (not complaining) since the last one so you’re just going to get when you get it which is when I get it. In other words late at night on nights like this one right here.

I’m not going into specifics here, but I did want you all to know that Jatun is the shit and Blanket of Ash is worth however much it costs, which is $13 (vinyl + download) or $10 (320 kbps mp3). Pay the extra $3.

I found out about them through OMGVinyl and it must have been out of sheer curiosity that I sampled the track because, although I’ve purchased albums solely based on these dudes’ words of recommendation, this particular description fucking sucks.

Just. Saying.

But it really and truly is a great album. The first time I put it on, it was in the morning before heading to “work” and I swear to you I lost all concept of time. Just now I was super-stoked to listen to it after all my roommates had checked out for the night. So stoked in fact that I broke my turntable needle in my enthusiasm to switch to Side B. I don’t think I will be able to sleep until I replace that needle.

And that’s all I’ma give you. Listen to it and write your own damn review for all I care. All that matters is that you know it’s good and nobody’s paying me to write this.

Learn more about Jatun here and/or cop that shit right here.