By now you are probably aware of the photographic genius of Ezra Marcos. If not, get with it already. Ezra did a bang up job on the Burro photo shoot leaving us with a heaping digital stack of killer shots. So I coulnd’t refuse when he asked me to participate in another shoot for Clothing Warehouse (even if it meant waking up at 6am!).

I haven’t seen all the photos yet, but as you can tell from the teaser, ol’ boy has outdone himself yet again! There’s a few more pics from the other photographers floating around out there somewhere.

AND, as if Ezra’s badassery weren’t enough, the amazingly talented Mark Hubbard was on hand as well and whipped up this ridiculously wicked video. The crazy part is, he used a digital SLR so we didn’t really even realize he was filming and not one of the shots were scripted or staged. Brilliant!