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Can’t believe I didn’t post this as soon as it went up but better late than never!

A while back Bert asked me to do him a favor. It was early in the evening but the plan was basically for the shirtless chef to get real drunk, cook something out of what was laying around in the fridge and I would film it. I had the distinct feeling he would get too drunk and forget about it but sure enough, 4am rolled around and I got the call to come film.

When I arrived, Bert was locked out and attempting to climb up to the balcony to get in. We eventually made enough noise for Jordan to let us in and do our thing. The rest is history…

The original video was over 20 minutes long. My computer wasn’t cooperating and I had no idea how I was going to edit down to a watchable length so Bert enlisted the help of Ian Chase who somehow managed to trim it down to just over three minutes and made it far more watchable than anything I could have done. Bon appetit!

Personally I always imagined it as “Bert No Shirt” or even “No-Shirt” but “Noshirt” it is and ever shall be.

There will be more episodes, you can count on that!