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The Silent League descends upon Jacksonville in exactly one week (February 6). Catch them at the Sinclair. If you haven’t been to the Sinclair yet, you should go. Especially if you find other music venues too dirty, smelly, or lacking in sophistication because it is a very “mature” place to hang out. I take my live music however it comes but I do really like the vibe there and the sound is amazing.

But anyway, The Silent League. Listening to their new album (released January 26) as I write and it’s so good. There is a connection to Helado Negro who performed at the same venue a while back (EU show review) via Stars Like Fleas, a Brooklyn art collective, so it’s bound to be a good show. The album, But You’ve Always Been The Caretaker, is soft and moody so I anticipate some sitting at this show. Probably a good opportunity to give these aging bones a brief respite from the heavier stuff. Besides, I’m still sore from the Monotonix show!

If you need convincing, there’s some mp3’s below including a Memory Tapes remix. Enjoy.

Yours Truly, 2095 (album version)


Yours Truly, 2095 (Memory Tapes Remix)


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