After taking a couple months off from playing shows to write, regroup and handle the holiday rush at Burro, we (Chicken & Whiskey) are back and ready to take things to the next level in oh-ten. We played a great show on New Years Day with our new friends Animal City (BOLO for a possible split 7″ in the near future) and our next show is this Friday, January 15th at Shantytown. And let me tell you, it’s going to be RAD!

Joining us are Brooklyn skate-punk masters of awesome, Cerebral Ballzy. These dudes are like BFFs with Japanther so they are pretty much guaranteed to rock your idiot face. Just check out this video of a hometown show for proof of how much they party.

They are currently raising funds for their new 7″ in a pretty cool way. They are crowd-sourcing it through a site called KickStarter where you can donate to the cause and get something cool in return. Check that out here.

So if you are down with old school rowdy punk rock a al Bad Brains be sure to come check these guys out. Because I’m such a nice guy, I’ll even share these mp3s they sent us to hold you over.

Opening up the show will be Jacksonville punk rock all-star squad Nine Tenths. Haven’t heard/seen em yet but I hear they’re legends