During my younger days, I was a massive Portishead fan. I’m a sucker for samples and creepy darkness. Trip Hop, for me at least, was the best thing to come out of England since Joy Division. While trip hop is more or less dead, Portishead did release an album in 2008 after an 11 year hiatus that was pretty decent but I have a good feeling that this latest pet project from Geoff Barrow will not disappoint.

Malachai is a duo consisting of vocals and samples, but it isn’t exactly trip hop. Barrow released their album on his Invada label which has been picked up for US distribution by Domino. The first single (available below) sounds like it could fit in pretty well in a Tarantino movie or RZA production of some sort. Ugly Side of Love promises some dubstep, psychedelia and more. The focus is clearly on the vocals here. If “Fading World” is any indication, this album will provoke chilled-out vibes on a lazy day. Expect a full review when I get my hands on this one. For now, have a listen…


You can download it for free here.