Forget Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai, and Primal Scream, there’s some new boys making noise in the Highlands. You don’t really have to forget those other bands, they’re all pretty awesome. But so are these guys:

We Were Promised Jetpacks

I did an album review of this band a while back for EU (read that here). I instantly fell in love. It’s not ground-breaking music, but it gets you where it counts on the first listen. There beats are quick and dancey, the singing is melodic but a little throaty, and the simple but heartfelt lyrics are meaningful without being convoluted. I had such a raging boner for this band that I made a point to review this next band’s album when I found out they were tour-mates and making a stop in Orlando.

The Twilight Sad

For a while there, every time Big Dunn got in the ol’ “green machine” we had to listen to the first track off of their latest album, Forget the Night Ahead. Reviewed it also. Also scored an interview with lead singer James Graham thus securing my tickets for their show at the Social. Which introduced me to this next band.

Frightened Rabbit

Although they are no doubt far more popular than the previous two groups, I was unfamiliar with their work prior to the show. It wasn’t as easy to get into since I had listened to the other albums ad nauseam but they were still really good. And the whole reason I’m writing this little post at all is because they’ve announced their next album The Winter of Mixed Drinks set for a March 10, 2010 release date. That’s a long time to wait but these tasty little tracks courtesy of BBC6 (via Stereogum) should hold you over.”