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This dang ol’ blog has never had any real focus. It has opened many doors (and a few windows?) so I’ll keep on doing it and let it change and morph and be whatever it wants to be.

So what’s next?

For starters, there’s a lot of info I get on new music and whatnot that I can’t really cover with EU (yet) and there’s the little vinyl gems I find every now and again. So we’ll start with that and maybe get back to checking out some comics and stuff.

First up, here’s some new videos I’ve found that are pretty ridiculously awesome:

The Flaming Lips – “Watching the Planets” video (NSFW)

Naked cyclists! What’s the deal with the XXX music videos lately? Not complaining although I do prefer this one to that Girls’ “Lust For Life” video. I still haven’t seen Embryonic released on vinyl yet. Thoughts on the album?

The Decemberists – “Here Come the Waves” (Hazards of Love visualized) trailer

Love ’em or hate ’em, this shit looks crazy-dope! The animation alone looks to make this project something spectacular. A lot of people have hated on this album and while I don’t know that I’d say it’s their best work, I still like it. I appreciate how they are taking things to the next level.

Passion Pit – “Little Secrets” video

Normally I would hate music like this, but Passion Pit does it right. So right. I hate this video though. If I’d seen this before I’d seen live footage of the band, I’d probably hate them.

Enjoy. I figured out a way to embed mp3s on this sumbitch and I gets lots of those, so stay tuned music-lovers (and haters).