Hey y’all, a couple of weeks ago I set up a website for my new warehouse space, The Devil’s Playground. This past Saturday we had our first event and it went off without a hitch!

The Infintesmal Records BBQ V featured a ton of great local (and one traveling) bands, Bold City Beer and good food. The party kept on until about 4am. Thanks to everyone who came out and if you missed it, there will be other parties soon so don’t worry.

Band flyer 24 Oct

You need to pick up the new Infintesmal Compilation, {the real better Jacksonville plan} volume 3. It’s got 34 tracks of the best local music (+ some out-of-town friends) and it’s only $7. There’s even a previously unreleased Chicken & Whiskey song on there!

So from now on, all info on Unit 6 and The Devil’s Playground will be on the new site so add it to your reader, blogroll, links, whatever.