(Photo Credit: Kali McLevy)

First off, thanks to everyone who participated, came out, and otherwise supported this event. I was extremely pleased with the quality of art and the turn-out and I couldn’t have done it without the help of a lot of really awesome people.

If you missed the show, stop by Bogda before the end of the month and check it out. There is some really cool stuff still available for sale.

Here’s some pics from the event:
The Outer Box flickr set
My flickr set (photos by Kali McLevy)

And what’s up with this? Biting my style, dog!

If you have any photos of the event, please let me know!

And to all those who’ve asked – yes, there will be another show. Different location, different artists (some, anyway) and a different theme. More details to follow.

Thanks again, Duval!