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Do you or anyone you know have a band (or want to start one) but have no place to be as loud as you want as you hone your chops, rehearse those pelvic thrusts and figure out just how much pig’s blood you need to royally douche the front row at your show?

No longer.

Holler at me and I’ll set you up with some prime practice space at my warehouse aka The Devil’s Playground over off of Talleyrand (near the stadium). I have one 8X14 room available to share with local band National Dairy and another room that will be completed soon. It’s damn cheap as it is but I’m offering a $75/month special to the next band that signs up to rent it out.

Hit me up at unit6jacksonville@gmail.com for more info.

Don’t delay. Once the word gets out, the space will be gone before you know it and you’ll kicking yrself in teh junk for passing up this GOLDEN opportunity…