In case you haven’t heard, I’m putting on an art show…

A few months ago, Joy from Bogda asked me if I wanted to put on a show. Pretty sure I had put away a few beers at this point, so I said, “sure, why not?” Fast-forward a few months and I finally came up with a theme. I knew I wanted to do something psychedelic and eventually decided on spirit animals. I have no artistic ability to speak of but I know plenty of folks who do so I asked some talented friends of mine if they’d like to participate and the feedback I got was more than I anticipated. Everyone seemed really stoked on the idea and now people I don’t even know are asking to be in the show.

Not only is this my first art show, but it’s the first production I’m doing under the new business venture I’ve started – Unit 6 Productions. I don’t really know what all Unit 6 will encompass, it’s more of an idea right now. Or more accurately, an umbrella for all the stupid shit I like to do. A majority of the future events will be held at the warehouse I’m renting, but more on that later…

The event will be held October 3rd at Bogda Gallery on 1253 McDuff. I can tell you right now, there is going to be some killer art at this show. Just check out this abbreviated list of participants:

Squid Dust
Chad Landenberger
Brian Gray
Ashley Hazen
Karen Kurycki
Tobias Williams
Crystal Floyd
Nicole Middleton
Sara Turner
Tom Pennington
Sarah Napier
John O’Brian
Christina Boykin
Cody Miller
Fillup G

and more…

If I forgot your name I apologize (email me to make sure I know you’re doing it). If you still want in and can make the deadline (a few days before Oct. 3), shoot me an email with a sample of your stuff and I’ll see if there’s room. And for everybody else, do me a solid and head over to the Facebook Event Page and RSVP.


If you got ’em.

Big ups to JOB for the sick-ass flyer!