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May I have your attention please..

Thank you. I am very pleased, even pleasantly so, to announce a very exciting new venture I have undertaken. I know what you’re thinking and yes I do have a an extremely full plate as it is but this new project is something that will bring it all together.

After witnessing the potential of what can be done with a little space and a whole lot of initiative such as the BBB complex and what the crew at 8B are doing, I decided to give it a go. I am now renting out Unit 6 in the same complex I wrote about on JaxScene (or JaxREAX, whatever). Right now it’s a clean slate but I have some major plans for the future.


The plan right now is to use a portion of the space to build practice rooms for local bands. As of now we are looking at 2 rooms and it looks like they already have tenants. There is some additional space available for artists or anyone who is doing something to further advance the culture of Jacksonville. Hit me up at jack@jackdiablo.com if you’re interested.

There will be shows and parties from time to time and I will be diligent in promoting the shit out of them because I’ll be taking a serious financial hit until it really gets off hte ground. In the sprit of what I feel makes Jacksonville such a great place, I intend on making every show/party free to attend. We’ll be running on donations so if you enjoy yourself and would like to see more events happen, pay what you can or what you feel the experience was worth.

As of now, we should have things up and running around the middle of August. There are some really awesome people working with me on this and I have no doubt that it will be successful with Duval’s support. I should have a name for it by then, you can comment your suggestions.

There isn’t any real thing called the Wambolt Collective but it’s starting to feel like there might be, an off the beaten path nucleus for art, music and culture in our fair city.

Stay tuned for details in the near future and let’s make this happen!