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Don’t freak out, everything is going to be okay!

I got a new tattoo from Kyle Miller at 8th Day in Five Points today and wanted to share it with all of you because it is so incredibly DOPE!

You may or more than likely may not remember my previous post on the last tattoo I got from Kyle. Read about it here if you want. I was so impressed with the fantastic job he did on the first one that it only felt appropriate that I get him to finish the bottom part of my sleeve. Since the other one is of a giant kraken taking down a pirate ship I wanted to stick with the theme of scary underwater shit. Here’s the old tattoo right after it was done:

I figured a shark is scary enough and would fit well across the back of my forearm so I took my idea to Kyle and we looked through some books and discussed ideas. He made a quick sketch of what we talked about and a week later came up with a sick-ass design of a shark and a giant sea snake fighting. I came up with the idea of a treasure chest below it and Kyle suggested a giant pirate dabloon (sp?) as an additional piece. My upper arm is done in a more traditional style than the squid so I wanted the rest of the lower part to be a fusion between traditional design and Kyle’s individual style for something truly unique. Here’s the sketch:


So after another week of anticipation, today I went in to get it done. Check the blank slate:


In progress:


The linework:


And the wrap-around finished product:

Photo 21
Photo 22
Photo 23
Photo 24
Photo 26
Photo 27

Pretty sweet, huh? Even though the design isn’t a traditional one, the shading is an the coloring will be. I think the treasure chest looks pretty old school though and the snake is very Japanese-style and how gnarly is that shark?! I’ll be heading back in for the coloring session in a couple weeks. There’s still some space for some small pieces and once the upper arm is done, I’ll fill it in with stars and dots. Can’t Freakin’. Wait!!!