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I’ve been slacking on posting here due to other commitments and for that, I apologize. You may have noticed that I’ve changed the name of the website from Jack’s Jax to simply Jack Diablo. Since starting this blog, I’ve met tons of awesome folks with like-minded intentions and embarked on many projects and collaborations. As a result, I am trying to focus my efforts within each project to better serve them. So this website is now more of a personal blog for stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. For Jacksonville community-related stuff, I’ll try and do better to post more often on JaxScene. Music stuff can be found within the pages of EU Magazine and on the website.

So a big ‘ol dose of love to everyone who came out last night to see C&W at Shantytown. It was a blast! I’ll have pics and video up soon so stay tuned amigos! If you missed it, we’ll be playing again June 6th (same spot) with Tough Junkie and Scum of the Earth so don’t miss it a second time.

Today I took advantage of the dramatic change in weather to go on a little bike ride. I recently purchased a new touring bike from Freddy (74 Soundsystem) at the Cycle Spectrum on 3rd Street.
I hope to embark on a trek of significant mileage sometime in the near future so to prepare I biked to Native Sun in Mandarin for a late lunch. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the hot bar I keep hearing about is actually at the Baymeadows location. I did have a nice little tempeh wrap from the deli so all was well. It was bright and sunny and the traffic was pretty mild. Most of the way was easy riding thanks to the bike lanes and parking shoulder on Hendrix. There is a little stretch on San Jose that gets a little crazy but other than that it is pretty bikeable. The whole trip was 24 miles, give or take. When I made it back to the ‘field, CW treated me to Memorial Day beer (Blanche di Brusseles) at the Boozehole.

And speaking of biking, Cherri is working on a pretty awesome new endeavor that will enable more school-age kids to bike to school. Check it out on her blog actionville.

And finally, just noticed two new posts on the EU website. Check em out!
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Diablo out!