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Aw shit son!

In case you haven’t heard, I gots me a band now. I plays the drumbs (and I sing/shout a little too). We call ourselves Chicken & Whiskey and even though it may sound like a country or rockabilly band, it couldn’t be further.

So, it’s me plus Big Dunn (Roargan) and Chris Williams (Airport Factory). I won’t even attempt to describe what we sound like but if you need an idea just hypothesize on how a collaboration between Dunn and Chris might manifest itself and you’re still probably nowhere close. Or maybe you’re dead on, who knows?

Better yet, come see us play!

We’ve got several shows booked so far including our very first show May 9th in Gainesville at The Kickstand for What The Fuc? Fest along with other Jacksonville superstars, Heavy Flow and After The Bomb Baby. If you can’t make that, worry not, we’re playing at the best damn boozehole in Springfeild, Shantytown Pub, on May 24th with those crazy kids from St. Augustine, Lighthouse Music. Come get your aural fixation doooooods! And bring some cash cuz we’ll have plenty o’ merch. Gots to get paid!

Still not convinced? Well, we put together a little lo-fi home-brewed recording this past weekend and the tunes will be up on the MySpace page after the May 24th show.

But before you start filling in your social calendar for the month of May, you’d better grab a big ol’ fat permanent marker and write BURY YOUR BIKE II real nice and big over May 1-3. It’s gonna be sick! Free beer (no, really – good stuff too), good people, freak bikes, and complete and utter chaos. Don’t miss it, you’ve been warned…