Spring Breeeeeaaaaaak!!!

FCCJ is out for the week so I will be spending my time at Zombie Bikes this week, gearing up for Slaughterama 09 in Richmond, VA. I’ve never been but from what I hear it is going to be one wild trip! I found some pics that the Richmond Cutthroats Bike Club posted from a previous event and I have to say, it looks super-rad!

the difference between east coast and west coast LOL

ZBBC will be heading up there on Thursday morning after what will surely be a late Wednesday night of after-Art Walk partying. If you’re bored, come by the bike shop on Main St. and check out all the work being done building tall bikes, choppers, swing bikes, you name it. At some point, you might even catch me tall bike jousting so’s I can get my colors.

Rest assured I will be documenting the shit out of everything I see so stay tuned for a recap…