So I fucked up and didn’t get around to posting on my comic picks ;ast week. There was some really good shit too, especially after the week before that which was trash. But we’re back now and that’s all that matters.

Up, up, and away…

Jonah Hex #41 (DC)

By Justin Gray, Jimmy Palimotti, and David Michael Beck
This is just a consistently great comic. It’s typically told in stand-alone one-shots, but even though this latest arc has covered a few issues, you don’t need any back story to follow the action. Hex is a former Confederate soldier turned bounty hunter with a heart of gold and a face that looks like it got run over by a Mac truck. Srsly. If you were a fan of Deadwood, you’ll cream your fanboy pants over Jonah Hex, I promise. It’s vulgar, raw, and violent-as-fuck. If Jonah Hex wasn’t a classic DC character, this book would belong on Vertigo fo’ sho’!
In this ish, Hex finally gets to serve his ice cold revenge to Sawbones, the sadistic army doc who tortured him and taught other medics how to get info out of prisoners by removing various body parts, organs, etc. It’s pretty gruesome and Hex makes no apologies about the pleasure he gets out of giving Sawbones a taste of his own medicine. There’s also a really funny dynamic between Hex and Tallulah, the sketchy woman who nurses him back to health. This book has a permanent spot on my pull list. Pick it up!

Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? (DC)

By Fabian Nicieza et al
At long last, the first installment of the Battle For The Cowl event! This one is a bookend one-shot that will pair with the tie up at the end, Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive?. So Batman is dead. Not really, but nobody knows that. He isn’t looking good though and everyone from his past will be returning to Gotham to see who will carry on the legacy. Hush is still running around posing as Bruce Wayne which has kept anyone from putting two and two together but it’s only a matter of time.
This book isn’t the best thing I’ve read but it does do the trick of getting me extra-stoked for what’s to come. It focuses on a few players in Batman’s life. Mostly C-listers like Vicki Vale, Spoiler, Harvey Bullock, and some lady named Leslie Thompkins. There are no big reveals, no jaw-dropping splashes. Just a setting of the table, showing us where all the pieces on the chessboard are if you will. By no means do you need to pick this up even if you plan on following Battle, but if you’re a completist (such as myself) you don’t have much of a choice now do you?

Secret Six #7 (DC)

By Gail Simone and Nicola Scott
Wow, three DC titles? Just when I though I had become a Marvel Zombie too, whatever!
If you remember about three years ago (more?) during the build up to Infinite Crisis, there was an awesome little mini titled Villains United followed by a Secret Six mini in the wake of the crisis. Well Gail Simone got the gang back together for more anti-hero action and it kicks fucking ass!
If you aren’t familiar with the Six, they are a team of D-list baddies for hire that usually target other villains. Initially they were pawns for Lex Luthor (or was it Alexander Luthor, I forget) but now they take on bigger mission with higher stakes. This ish wrps up their first mission in the ongoing series. They were hired to retrieve a certain knick-knack that just so happened to be a Get Out Of Hell Free card so you can imagine the conflict that creates among a group of folks who have committed their lives to evil. Anyhow, the writing is just solid and consistent and there’s little to no fuzzy continuity to mess with so it’s just a fun read with tons of action and kick-assery. I assume the crew will be back for #8 with a new mission and possibly a new member so be sure and check it out.

Booyah, just got to do it and publish it. See you after Harvest of Hope!!!