Clever title, I know.

But is it just me or do the shows in the OLB just keep getting better and better? Every show I’ve een to has been awesome but it is really coming together in terms of keeping things fresh and exciting. Some stops on the old Art Walk map tend to recycle te same tired shit you’ve seen every month but I saw lots of new stuff last night from a ton of different artists.

There was no real theme to the show, which I like sometimes, but every display was dope as hell. That, and there is some fun environmental art you might not even notice, or hell, might not even be intentional for all I know.



If you missed it, you missed tons of great (and cheap) art from some of my favorites. You could cop a Squid Dust severed head for like $16 or pick anything off of two full walls of Fillup G. shit for $30. That’s a goddamn steal! And of course, there was the exhibit with all the crazy shit you had to look into and it was like a whole ‘nother world in there! I picked up the artist’s card but in my drunkenness, lost it. If you are he, or remember his name, leave a comment please.




And then, of course, the music. Ah, the music! You can always count on hearing some crazy fun stuff in the OLB, that’s for certain. Chinese Horses reunited after a two-year hiatus to rock my fucking face off with some spacey post-rock. Hope they dont’ take so much time before the next show! National Dairy played an awesome set with a goat and wicked lights and smoke. Also, starting to really like Picayunes. And, as always, I could listen to Buff Clout play that same song on repeat for eternity, so imagine my joy when they had some new stuff! Oh, what bliss!!!





I know there’s a plan at play, but I say fuck it! I like the Library the way it is now. I dread the day they kick us out of the basement to make room for some shitty food court an office building. You can argue with me about what it will mean for downtown, and I get it, I do, but I really like what is happening. Granted, the organizers aren’t just going to quit when it goes away, they’ll find a way.I’m just saying, is all.

So, bottom line – get it while the gettin’s good. Make the OLB a stop, if not the stop on your monthly walk of the arts!