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I have been a bad little blogger lately. I can’t even think of a decent excuse for my lack of posting lately. Not going to dwell, though. Onward and upward!

I have several posts I’ve been meaning to write about but I want to get some stuff out of my brain first while it’s still fresh.

Last night was Midnight Mass, the coolest way to spend your Thursday night. If you are unfamiliar with the event, I’ll sum it up real nice and simple for you. We all meet in the parking lot across from the Cummer at midnight on Thursday, every Thursday. I’ve only made it to a handful of rides but there is a pretty strong following that is there every week. Usually around 12:30 (0030 for you military types) we take off and hit the streets to create mayhem and civil unrest. Not really, we just ride around town but it’s lots of fun. If you’ve never ridden through downtown, this is the perfect opportunity because there is hardly any traffic. The locations vary but we stop a few times and hang out and sometimes hit up our local Springfield pub before last call.


Last night was an interesting one. Before the ride even started, two kids were stopped on their bicycles by the po-leese. Between that and the crazy police presence in Riverside last night and all those damn sirens and helicopters and shit, it seemed a little more intense than just an end-of-month quota thing. It’s only been recently that I’ve felt the long arm of the law bearing down, even if just a little. I was harassed at a party for not having a FL drivers license and now they are targeting cyclists? That’s a little ridiculous don’t you think? After a little tall bike joust so Jeff could earn his Zombie colors, as we headed back to R-side another friendly neighborhood po-dogger came behind us and informed us in a commanding southern accent that riding in the evening sans illumination warrants an infraction with a $92 price tag. What he actually said was, “Y’all know riding at night without lights is a nine-tee two dowlar fine?”. Thankfully he didn’t press the issue and left as soon as we acknowledged his helpful advice.

Regardless of all the intrusion, it was a fun time. Always is. If you don’t have anywhere to be Friday morning or an take a day off, you should totally come out. All bikes are welcome and the pace is moderate. It’s not a Critical Mass but it’s a start and tons of fun to boot!

So, this weekend Matt Burro, Christiana and I are doing a li’l road-trippin! Going to hit up Fresh Fest in Tallahassee tonight before we head to Atlanta to have our faces melted at the Scion Rock Fest. Follow me on Twitter for live micro-blogging of both events and check out JaxScene for pics when I get back.

Carry on…