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This particular ramble is in response to a conversation I had a couple of days ago between a fellow Twitterer, myself, and some non-Twitterers.

First, the scene. I was at the Pre-International Noise Conference Show at a house on College Street and had sent out a tweet explaining as much. Two people who follow me showed up because I had tweeted it. That ignited the conversation.

When you mention Twitter these days you seem to get one of three responses:

  • OMG, I love Twitter! Follow me, I’ll follow you!
  • WTF is Twitter?
  • Oh no, are you geeks talking about Twitter again?!

This particular conversation evoked the third response unfortunately. So I began to wonder why this is. I think it has to do with the insider-ness that comes with it. It’s the same thing with Mac-users and LOST-watchers I think. When someone brings it up, those in the know geek the fuck out and those who aren’t groan at having to hear you preach the gospel that is Twitter/Apple/LOST/whatever. And admittedly, I didn’t get it at first either. It’s one of those things you have to try out and settle into before you realize its potential.

I realize I’m probably preaching to the choir here. Chances are if you habitually read blogs, you already tweet your ass off. But on the off chance you stumbled here and are one of the uninitiated, allow me to count the ways I love Twitter.

First things first, Twitter is simply micro-blogging. Because most of us, even my unemployed ass, are too busy to sit down and write out blog posts all day long and some things are interesting but not necessarily blog-worthy, Twitter allows you to put it out there in 140 characters or less. Nowadays people have expanded the possibilities of what you can do with such a simple concept and it’s quite impressive.

So let’s say you are one of my followers. Maybe you are an acquaintance of mine or maybe you like what you read here and we’ve never actually met. Either way, on any given night you can check your Twitter feed and possibly learn of something going on that sounds really awesome that you might never have known about otherwise. Not only that, but I frequently use other programs like Loopt, which interface with Twitter to show you a picture and a Google Map of where I’m at. Now, instead of seeing pictures of an event on JaxScene days after the fact, you can see what is going on as it happens and ensure you are in the place to be. Or, you know, you can just be really witty or share a cool link.

Bottom line is, Twitter allows you to catch things as they happen and with the right device, from anywhere. I think it’s safe to say that at least half of the people I follow locally I met via Twitter. Srsly! So this is a call to all you Jaxvillians out there to give it a try. Sign up and follow me here. And here’s some folks I recommend following:


  • Joey Marchy – Joey writes Urban Jacksonville (duh) and frequently announces secret projects or blogs on the go with his Twitter. A must-follow for all Jacksonville blog-hounds.
  • The Urban Core – You already read the blog so this is another must-follow.
  • jaxdotcom – This is the Florida Times-Union tweet-machine. It’s pretty cool to get local news updates on the go through this one.
  • JaxScene – Duhhhhhhh!
  • Jacksonville Confidential – Are you picking up on the pattern here? The blogs are only the tip of the iceberg. All the real action is on Twitter yo!
  • JaxBeard – Tweets about beards. Nuff said!

There are several other local movers and shakers that are excellent Twitterers you can check out on my Following page.

Geeky Stuff

  • Wil Wheaton – He played Ensign Wesley Crusher on Star Trek:TNG and he’s just a big geek, blogger, actor, and all-around amusing guy. Expect to read conversations between him and his iTunes.
  • Felicia Day – The object of every fanboy and geek’s affection. She was in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and produces her own web show about WoW players called The Guild.
  • Kevin Rose – This dude is like my age and is like king of the geeks. He created Digg and Pownce if that means anything to you. He also does a webshow called Diggnation with…
  • Alex Albrecht – He also does The Totally Rad Show.
  • Andrew Baron – He started Rocketboom, an internet pop culture show.
  • Other

    • Warren Ellis – The wildest writer in comics. Man rarely sleeps due to an insane Red Bull addiction and spends most of the day at the pub (he lives in England). The shit he says is the most absurd bunch of nonsense in the Twitterverse!
    • Shepard Fairey – Probably not the real Shep but it seems like an official Twitter account for Obey. Pretty much just lets you know when new blog posts are published.
    • Just so you are in the know, there is talk of a forthcoming Twestival for all you happy tweet-monkeys out there, so stay tuned for more right here or check the source. In closing I’ll send you back to Revision3 for a sweet little video by the good people at Epic Fu about how to be a Twitter power-user. Now go forth and tweet!