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My good buddy, Tom, has a passion for print-making and collecting. And damn if it isn’t contagious as hell!

Lately I’ve been spending a pretty ridiculous amount of money on prints I’ve found that I simply couldn’t live without. Probably not the greatest idea considering my financial situation, but as long as I tell myself it’s an investment of sorts, I still manage to sleep okay.

I’m not sure what it is about the medium that draws me to it. Maybe it’s the tactility of that heavy paper. Could be the scarcity of a limited run. Or perhaps it’s the beauty of an image created with a limited amount of colors and detail. I’m not an art critic, I just know what I like so the why is irrelevant.

Now to the point.

It’s no secret that these are tough times economically. People aren’t eating out as much, they aren’t buying clothes they don’t need, and I would imagine that for the most part, they have a hard time justifying buying art at a time like this. But printing makes art affordable. You can make a single piece, reproduce it a limited number of times and make your work more accessible to everybody. Seems like a great way to make ends meet while you do the regular art stuff until the economy picks up.

Lucky for us, there are already quite a few folks doing the damn thing here in the Jacksonville area. I’ve purchased prints from Halftone Def and Dog & Pony Showprints that are spectacular. Armageddon Visuals is currently working with local artists who are looking to make the jump and see their images printed as well. I think it makes good business sense and I predict the trend will get even bigger in the near future.

Or then again, I could be crazy, who knows?

Here’s a sample of the posters I’ve purchased lately:

Shepard Fairey’s contribution to Adopt-A-Pet. Already sold out and based on the iconic Obama HOPE image and a quote from Obama about “a mutt like me”. Already sold out of course and proceeds went to pet adoption.

Halftone Def Studio’s 74 Soundsystem poster. I love the gold on black. And dub.

Dog & Pony Showprints turn out some dopealicious gig posters. Very much looking forward to see what they’ve been mysteriously hinting at on Twitter. I hope it’s those Dr. Dog and Black Lips posters!

“Scorpiowl” from John Howard, aka Monkeyink. Gorgeous!

“Peace Bomb” from Methane Studios. Just got this one in today.

“Hare” by James Jean. This guy blows my mind. I fell in love with his covers for Vertigo’s Fables comic, and so proud to own some of his stuff!

“Mr. Jones” by Print Mafia. Gots to have a Dylan poster!

It’s a beard poster, yes! From Beard Revue.