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It was a cold one last night, but not too cold to stop Art Walk from being dopetastic! If you were too lame to brave a little cold weather then you missed a killer art project in the OLB, and if you missed that, you missed my new favorite local band – Buff Clout.

When I heard them start to play, all I could think of was holy shit, is this happening? It’s not what I’ve come to expect from a Jacksonville band, but then again, I have no idea what to expect from Jacksonville bands. They played two shows of the same set and during the first I mentioned to someone that only real musicians would probably be able to appreciate this. I say that because it is spazzy and mathy. I personally have a soft spot for irregular and constantly shifting time signatures and this duo brought the thunder like Geddy Lee and Neil Peart! They didn’t sound like Rush though. Not at all. They also didn’t sound like Dillinger Escape Plan, which was the other band that came to mind. It is unique and impressive in a way that can only be explained by observation. And lucky for all you toolbags who missed the show, they just so happen to be playing tomorrow night at Shantytown. For FREE!


In other local music news, I was handed a compilation CD last night from a friend I met at the House Show a couple weeks back. The album is for a new local label, Infintesmal [sic] Records who have an impressive list of bands they are promoting. The disc has 24 solid tracks from groups like Tuffy, Honey Chamber, Horse Thieves, and Lazerstar, just to name a few. It looks to be a limited run of 100 and they sell for $5 so if you see this, be sure to snatch it before it’s gone! There’s some really good stuff on here. They also have some shows coming up. I fyou don’t want to see Buff Clout, their band, D.M. Waltz is playing Cafe 331 tomorrow. There is also a showcase show at Shantytown on February 20th.

And finally, Wild Flower, Telepathik Friend, Guardians of the Thickets and others are playing Shantytown this Sunday at a benefit show. Be there!