Yes! Another slightly alliterative blog title.

Since February is the shortest of months, I vote we pack as much fun into those 28 days as possible. Here’s the rundown on what’s going on. I’ll be adding to this post as more stuff pops up.

Sunday, February 1st

I’m going to do my best to not get too wasted tonight and wake up early to catch the Southbank Sunrise with I would say this event is one of those things you should at least try and experience at least once. It happens every Sunday at dawn, so if you’re sick of the Saturday night scene, maybe get some sleep and check this out. Check out the tumblr page for some pics.

Then, you can either take a nap or just fill up on that free coffee and meet up with your local bicycle co-op for a ride down the Baldwin Trail. If you’re interested, meet at the BBB Warehouse at 1520 Main St before 10:30am or meet at the trailhead at 11. All bikes and all folks are welcome!

Wednesday, February 4th

Art Walk!!! As always, the place to be is the Haydon Burns Library. This month will feature a show by Maxwell Wood, called Pixel Mosaics. The concept is all photos taken by a cellphone. Pretty cool idea.

I’ve also heard that Squid Dust et al will be doing something with a large canvas for people to paint/draw on. You can watch other artists work and contribute yourself. Very community-oriented and you know how we love that kinda stuff! Also live music at 7pm from Buff Clout and The Human Seed. It’s in the basement, y’all.

Don’t forget to head own the street to the Art Center, where Ed Dansart aka EB5K will be the featured artist. The series is titled Robots and Devils and Brian from The Outer Box assured me last night that Ed has taken his art to a whole ‘nother level with this show! Here’s his post from a while back.

Saturday, February 7th

Comic Book Art Show? Hell yeah I’ll be there! Talked to Joy at Bogda about this the other day and it sounds pretty dope. A private collector will be selling some original comic book artwork from books like Batman, Detective Comics, Superman, Lobo, etc. Supposedly there is a nine-page series with a sweet splash page at the end.

Tuesday, February 10th

Plenty of advance notice for this show. From the people that brought you the Laundromat Show and the House Show, here’s one without a generic name. Before the International Noise Conference, the gang will get together for another house show with an impressive list of groups participating. You’ve been warned!

Saturday, February 14th

Love is dead. Or, undead, rather. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than dressed as a zombie and getting smashefaced drunk? It’s the Eat Your Heart Out Zombie Pub Crawl! The last zombie walk was fun, if a little poorly planned, but this one is a full-on pub crawl! Check out all the pics from the Zombie Walk on JaxScene.

Sunday, February 15th

Calling all ladies and dudes willing to to don a skirt! Join Aimee, Cherri, and the rest of Troop 904 for The Women’s Ride Round 3. This isn’t your grandma’s leisurely bike ride people. I’ve hung out with these girls and they know how to cause a ruckus.

Friday, February 20th

An intergalactic rap battle hosted by Triclops I and refereed by Tough Junkie, to compete for bragging rights and entry into the Orlando Lounge Battle 7. 16 will enter, one will advance. There are still a few slots open, so go to Shantytown and sign up. It’s going to be INSTUPITUOUS!

Sunday, February 22nd

Super-sweet bands don’t make it down through these parts all that often so I highly recommend making the short trip to St Augustine’s very kick-ass music venue, Cafe Eleven, for this show. I saw them play two years ago in the same place and loved it. Their new album is solid so check it out if you haven’t heard it yet.

Tuesday, February 24th

If all goes according to plan, this will be the second Jacksonville Beardsmith Society Pub Night over at Steamworks in 5P. The first meet-up was awesome and lots of bearded boys and girls showed up to either show off their sweet facial hair or just to show their support for Jacksonville’s bearded citizens. And remember, if you do not have a beard, one will be provided for you!

Well that about wraps up what I’ve got so far. Again, I will be adding more as I find stuff out, so check back often.