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Hopefully you haven’t yet shaved that weekend stubble because it’s time to grow out that beard, son!

The Jacksonville Beardsmith Society is starting a Pub Night on the last Tuesday of every month right around the corner at Steamworks in 5 Points! The group is the local chapter of Beard Team USA, who compete against the rest of the world in annual competitions to determine who has the most rad facial hair. The group has a simple little website up, a new logo courtesy of Dog & Pony Showprints, and a Twitter account you can follow. And of course, there is a Facebook group and a MySpace page as well.

So, if you aren’t keeping track, the meet-up is tomorrow night at 7:30. Bring your bearded or mustachioed face, or just show up and borrow a beard. I guess bearded ladies are welcome too, and of course, chicks who dig facial hair!