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Just the other day, my roommate, Cherri, was lamenting the fact that bands don’t play house shows anymore. Freebird is too far and Jack Rabbits can be a bit expensive if you are on a budget and just want to catch a decent show. Shantytown has some great free shows and Fridays at TSI are typically pretty sweet and reasonably priced. But as far as house shows go, you don’t hear about them too often (I don’t at least). So when the crew that brought you the Laundromat Show announced a party in an Avondale abode featuring an almost identical lineup, I was left with no choice but to attend.

I thought it might be a little awkward at a party where I knew no one, but nearly everyone there had read the post I did on the previous show and were incredibly grateful and excited that someone got it, so I felt very welcome. Before the bands played, DJ Cholesterol treated us to an eclectic mix of sonic ear-tickles. It was all very cerebral. Eventually a pretty decent crowd had amassed with many of the same faces from the last show with quite a few new ones as well.

Around 11, Telepathik Friend fried our brains with his animated “wrapping”, knocked some shit over and nearly strangled himself with mike chords in the process. Guardians of the Thickets came on next with a slightly different line-up than last time and droned away. Late Great Magick Owl (or Ghost?) took the floor and incorporated a little interpretive dance into his set with some kind of cardboard costume as he writhed around like the dragon in a Chinese New Year parade. Finally, Wild Flower set up their musical gypsy seance and brought it all together. The whole experience was, as Avery put it, ethereal. Couldn’t think of a better word than that.





What was most impressive to me about it was how completely different the entire experience was. In both sound and ambiance, it was like seeing an entirely different group of acts. Chalk it up to the location, the intimacy of the setting, the ability to manipulate the lighting, or simply the lack of dryers and washing machines humming along, but it was completely unique. Watching these kind of performances gives you a sense of being truly connected with the moment. I probably mentioned something along these lines in the first post, but it bears repeating. You get the sense that this is the only time you will be able to see this particular performance. It is so dependent upon the environment and the general vibe, the ebb and flow of energy, that it could never be recreated in the same way.

Later, after the bands had cleared their gear, it was time for a freeform dance party extravaganza. You don’t get music and dancing like this at any Jacksonville discotheques, I’ll tell you that much!



Check out all the pics here.