I shouldn’t be so eager to start the weekend considering the fact that I’m still recovering from this past four-day weekend, but such is life, n’est-ce pas?

But I am eager and you should be too. Looks like a good one…


by Edbot5000

Pawn Takes King w/ Sephiroth Chorus and Bastard Love Child of Rock N Roll @ Jack Rabbits
Support local music. Nuff said!



Libyan Hit Squad w/ E.Y.C., The Cellar Dwellers, and The Cronies @ Shantytown
Support (somewhat) local music. Nuff said AGAIN!

There may be another psychedelic noise show, but you’ll have to get at me for details if and when I get them. Or you can always follow me on Twitter for up to the minute micro-bloggage!
ETA: And here it is…


1/24/09 at Ocean Club in Jax Beach

All Is Art II @ The Ocean Club
Yes, an art show at The OC. The irony does not escape me. However, rumor has it the last show there was a hit so maybe you should venture out of your comfort zone and check it out. Expand your horizons as it were. Lots of local music including SUNBEARS!, Hello Danger, Juicy Pony, Richard Love, and Wudun. Artists include Brian Gray, Grant Thornton, Nicole Middleton, Tuffy, Devin Balara, Toy Crusher, and Tommy Armageddon, just to name a few. It’s being put on by Jedediah and Joe Van Dyke who brought us Art Magic last month (Joe did, not Jed) so it should be a good time. And it’s only $5 if you are of legal drinking age.



Blackhive Tattoo Party
I was minding my own at Starbucks last night, when I was handed this flier. Guys seem pretty cool and free food and beer, who doesn’t love that?

If I missed something, feel free to comment. And, of course, always check in with JaxScene to be told what to do EVERY DAY!