What did I tell you? More Jacky-D than you can shake a stick at!

A couple months ago I tried to start a weekly post of my comic book picks of the week. My schedule prevented me from keeping up with it, but now I have nothing better to do. So, here you go True Believers…

This week’s books come from the good folks over at Universe of Superheroes in Riverside.

G.I. Joe #1 (IDW)
by Chuck Dixon and Robert Atkins
I never really read the DDP take on the Joes, but luckily it doesn’t matter as this seems to be a complete reboot of the series. My G.I. Joe knowledge is considerably rusty but it’s still a pretty fun and nostalgic read. G.I. Joe will be the main title with two others, Origins and Cobra, launching soon.

Green Lantern Corps #32 (DC)
by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason
This issue continues the Sins of the Star Sapphire storyline with ties to the pre-Sinestro Corps War Green Lantern storyline and focuses on Yellow Lantern, Kryb, as part of DC’s Faces of Evil crossover. Crossover probably isn’t the best word, but event doesn’t describe it either. Essentially, many books will be told from the perspectiveof, or at least focus on, the villains in the DCU as Final Crisis winds down. In this ish, just as a child is born to two Corps members, the Guardians make known the Third Law of The Book of Oa, forbidding love between Lanterns. Hundreds of Lanterns resign as a result and then Mongul makes a reappearance.

Titans #9 (DC)
by Judd Winnick, Howard Porter and J. Calafiore
Another Faces of Evil title, this one focuses on former Teen Titan and son of Deathstroke, Jericho. First, we get a tight little origin story of how Joey lost his voice and Deathstroke, his eye. The rest of the issue is Jericho controlling Nightwing and the Titans trying to determine who he has taken over while he goes over a bit of his past including the revelation that everyone he has ever taken over remains within him to some extent. Then the JLA show up demanding Jericho be released to them.

Faces of Evil: Prometheus One-Shot (DC)
by Sterling Gates and Federico Dallocchio
At first I wasn’t sure who this guy was then remembered him from Grant Morrison’s run on JLA. All a bit hazy though. Apparently he was a JLA villain with a vendetta against justice of any kind. After his defeat, Martian Manhunter put his juju on his brain and made him catatonic during his stay in Blackgate, the metahuman prison. After MM’s death (or whatever), Prometheus became free of his psychic grasp and escaped to confront his former protege, who had been masquerading as him for the past two years. You’ve got the story now, so no need to pick up the book really.

I picked up a few other titles, but they were from previous weeks and I only want to cover the week’s releases so that about does it. Until next time…