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Here’s some forthcoming events you may or may not be aware of yet. People spend a decent amount of time making pretty flyers to promote their events so here they are for maximum exposure.

Had a great time at Wu-Tang last night. For the most part anyway. It was very cool to see local artists like Tough Junkie, Willie Evans Jr., and Rob Roy get such great publicity. And let it be known that they did a great job keeping the crowd moving before the Wu FINALLY took the stage. And also let it be known that Plush screwed the pooch with the whole microphone situation. It was pretty embarrassing to have a high-profile group come to a town that many similar acts skip entirely and have them perform with hissing, popping, overmodulated mikes. Nevertheless, it was thrilling to see these true pioneers and legends in the flesh, even if minus ODB (R.I.P.) and Method Man.

On another note, I just finished an interview with EU who are doing a profile of JaxScene for the February issue. I mainly talked about the JaxScene Network and what our goals and such are with the whole project. While I’m on the subject, I’ll say that one of my goals for the new year is to get as many local bands as are willing to get on board and use the site to promote their music and their shows. Hopefully this will help fulfill Mr. Marchy’s Nostradamus-like predictions for seeing a resurgence in local band activity. If you have a band and would like more info on how to participate, leave me a comment, or better yet, catch me at the bar and buy me a beer 😉 (PBR is just fine with me).