Almost 2009 y’all! Wish I was in Jax to participate in all of the associated festivities but I’m still in Texas. Actually going to spending New Year’s Eve in Austin with the ex-wife and her band of hippie gypsy minstrels and miscreants, crzy huh?! Should be a good time.

I’ll be returning soon to start my first full-time semester of college since 2003, yikes! Community College, muthafugga!!! Fifteen more hours and I’ll have an A.A. degree and the “honor” of transferring to a Florida state school.

I’ll also be bringing my drum set back so if you need a drummer with MAD SKILLZ or want to start a psychedelic indy-folk trip-hop band, let me know!


I usually refrain from making resolutions but fuck it, yeah? Here’s my list. Feel free to comment with your own.

  • quit smoking
  • cook at least 2X/week
  • drive no more than 3 places/week
  • run a 10K
  • participate in a bike race
  • learn to screen print
  • start a business
  • join/start a band
  • blog at least once a week
  • finish associates degree
  • learn to solder
  • build my own bike
  • go to Amsterdam
  • host an art show
  • hop a train
  • don’t get fat again
  • buy music only on vinyl
  • redesign blog
  • love more

Looks like it will be a busy year. Can’t. Freaking. Wait.