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Hello again, friends…

It’s been another one of those crazy weekends where shit is all fucked up but you manage to put on your happy face and make the best of it and end up having a grand ol’ time.

In case you missed it, Joe Van Dyke put on a killer art show at Fuel on Friday night. I must say I was extremely impressed and it far exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere was very fun and relaxed, completely free of the pretension that plagues some showings. It was all about local artists and their art and hanging out. The perfect recipe for success in my book.

It seems like every time I go out these days I meet someone new who reads the site. On Friday it was Brian Gray, who I’ve been wanting to meet for a long time. He, Tommy Armageddon and I talked for a while about the state of the Jacksonville art scene and shared ideas, not what you usually get to do at an art show.

Being in need of some color for my new haze gray room (more on that in a later post), I bought a ridiculously underpriced splash of color from a young art student, Devin Balara. I’m no art critic to be sure but I found her finger-painted canvases hypnotic and an interesting change of pace from what everyone else was showing. She was ecstatic about the sale and told me it was the second piece she’d ever sold and the first to someone she didn’t know. That’s what it’s all about.


There were many other great artists there including Nicole Middleton, Preston Nettles, Bryan Register, and Grant Thornton, just to name a few. Keep an eye out for the next show he puts out. Guaranteed good time. Check out all my pics here.

And, of course, Saturday night was the BBB Art Show, featuring artist-created Burro Bags and bicycle frames. I missed the bike polo tournament because I was napping after MY LAST DAY ON THE SHIP, WOOT! But I did get there around 6:30 and everything was already jumping. The art was fantastic, especially the bags. Arturo was there, Bold City was there, and 74 Soundsystem kept the party jumping.


There was some high-octane action with games of whiplash, tall-bike jousting, and footdown. Lots of fun and very entertaining. At the end of the night I walked away with some socks from the raffle and a Tommy Armageddon bicycle frame.


And yet, the weekend isn’t even over. Tonight is the Luminaria bike ride through Riverside and Avondale and should definitely be worth checking out. Just the right thing to put you back in the holiday spirit.