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Seems as though I’m not the only blogger who has felt the malaise of the holidays. Please accept my apologies for being such a twit about posting. It’s been a hectic, crazy, weird, and yet awesome past few weeks so my mind has been all over the place thinking about everything but the blog.

Anyhow, let me fill you in on some stuff I’m working on. This past Sunday I was afforded the golden opportunity to experience the workings of a local Jacksonville movie production. I’m very excited about what these folks are doing and I have a post I’ve been working on but I feel the need to do it justice so I’ve been taking my time and perhaps, procrastinating a little. I promise I’ll have it up by the end of the weekend though!

If I get around to it I’ll also put up another Pull List post from my recent trip to the comic shop. I’ve been unable to make it recently so the list may not be all new stuff from this week, but hey.

So, there is quite a bt happening this week, particularly in the art world. Here’s the rundown:
Friday 12/5

Saturday 11/6

Sunday 11/7

Have a great weekend!!!