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Land ho bitches!

That might be just a tad premature but I am pretty close to being back from this particularly long underway and more than ready to shake off the salt and put my feet back on solid ground. There has been far too much rolling on these here heavy seas and it will be nice to not have to dodge objects (and people) that fly around anymore.

So here is my tentative plan for the weekend:

Friday 11/21
As I learned from this great little site that just popped up this week, there is an art show at The Metroplitan Lofts featuring the music of Shawn Lightfoot. You can check out some details on the Events page of the JaxScene Network and RSVP if you’re feeling polite.
Other options for the evening include Rockabilly Night @ 331. Never been, but been meaning to check it out. Also, some bands at TSI. Anybody got the inside scoop?

Saturday 11/22
One thing I really enjoy doing these days is getting drunk. So events that are focused on the art of drinking always catch my attention. Saturday is the Five Points Wine Festival featuring something like 400 wines with a donation (I heard $30) to support RAP and Big Brothers and Sisters. I think it might be nice to drink something other than PBR for a change, eh (shit, not in Canada anymore – gotta curb that)? RSVP and tell Jax you’ll be there!
I’ll also be checking out some apartments for rent in and around Riverside so wish me luck on that endeavour.

Sunday 11/23
Bike Polo at Zombie duh! Then it’s the Sunday cookout at Shantytown w/ DJ Boatshoes.

On another note, the JaxScene Network is doing awesome and far exceeded my expectations for its initial roll-out. Big ups to members Emily and Joy for getting the word out there.